About Us

Welcome to Smash Tees! 

The idea for Smash Tees was developed after I became disillusioned with the range of clothes available locally for my boy/girl twins.  I really wanted good quality, colourful, unisex clothes that my kids could share.  But everywhere I looked all I found was highly gendered pink, sparkly frills or blue cars and dinosaurs.  I searched for what I wanted online and found most of the gender-neutral clothes were bland and in various shades of grey...

So I decided to use my design skills to come up with a range of colourful, unisex, slightly subversive tshirts (with a message) to combat the negativity I saw in the highly gendered clothing available in department stores.  And that's when Smash Tees was born.

We are a family business, based in regional Australia.  The whole family works on the designs and my kids love being able to vote on what is included in the range.  Our garments are printed in the UK and US, we dropship world wide and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

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