World Laughter Day

Posted by Alyson Laver on

I just found out it was World Laughter Day on Sunday May 6. It reminded me of a cute thing that happened here this weekend.

N was sad. I think she may have been snapped at by the new Labrador pup (this dog is all teeth, boundless energy and very little personal space awareness).   Anyway, N was sad. S (the most kind and empathetic kid I’ve ever met) made it his personal mission to make her happy. He clowned around, doing silly stuff: jumping off his bed, yelling jibberish, and throwing himself on the floor until she started laughing at him. Within a few moments she’d gone from inconsolable crying to fits of hysterical laughter and yelling “again, again!” to him.

The diligent parent in me wanted to tell him to stop, as I know he has the tendency to get more enthusiastic and dangerous with his prat-falls the more response he gets, but the empathetic parent in me was just so proud. These kids are such a team. They understand each other exceptionally well and as S showed in this example, will put their whole bodies into helping each other out. 

S innately understands that the easiest way to help N when she is sad, is to make her laugh. To combat bad with good. It’s that easy to a 4 year old. And it works.

That is the intention behind Smash Tees too. To combat negativity by putting forward something positive… Something that I hope makes people think, and maybe, occasionally, also laugh.


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