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I am a mother of 3 year-old boy/girl twins in regional Australia.  I went shopping for new underwear for them about a month ago.  The boy’s section had bright, colourful undies with cool patterns and animals… The girl’s section had only 2 sets: both pink with pictures of cats (think about that!).  I cried in the shop.  And then I got angry.  I came home, posted on facebook about the highly gendered nature of kids’ clothing (to a huge response from my parent-friends) and an idea sparked. If I can’t buy what I want, I’ll make them…

I officially launched this shop on Monday.   The idea behind Smash Tees is to provide a gender-neutral, colourful, positive and slightly subversive alternative to the children clothing options we are given in department stores.  What is currently on offer (here at least) have messages that are clear and ugly: boys are limited to blue and are encouraged to be adventurous risk-takers and girls are relegated pink sparkles and portrayed as pretty princesses.  The only gender-neutral kids clothes I could easily find were bland and limited to various shades of grey.   I want to provide an option to those parents (and I’m sure there are many) that are just as frustrated as I am.   I have been inspired and motivated to try and enact the change I want.

The range so far includes Baby T-shirts & Baby Onesies and Kids T-shirts (size 2-12).  I’ve made a special section for US parents (we spell a few things differently here) but the entire catalogue is drop-shipped from the US and is available worldwide.

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  • Out to rule the world eh? Well, just remember all us oldies needing T-shirts that shout out to the world that we can still kick-ass!

    Liz Connor on

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