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After a few too many white wines the other night, a friend suggested that Smash Tees  incorporate some shirts that are more specifically designed for older, teenage kids. She was talking about how she'd like to give feminist, subversive tshirts as birthday presents to her teenage daughters' friends. The kinds of shirts she was talking about would send messages to young women, in particular, that self-esteem, confidence, ambition, ability etc are all ok, while also appealing to their senses of fashion.  Her ideas were along the lines of Shakespeare is cool, girls can like maths and science, and that being strong and smart and bold are all good things to be.  I wholeheartedly agreed with her and, as I thought more about it, realised that an anti-toxic-masculinity shirt like "dancer"  too would be perfect for teenage boys too. 

The next day, as I powered through my hangover (artfully throwing all kid duties at John), I came up with a selection of singlet (tank) tops, sweatshirts and slim-fit tshirts to complement the exisiting unisex adults tee range.  We've extended the range to include the "activist", "leader" and "feminist" sporty-look designs as well as updating some old favourites like our alphabet tees and rainbow shirts. 

Smash Tees E is for Equality Women's Slim Fit Tshirt Purple

I'll be adding more to this collection over our summer.  I have lots of ideas that I haven't put to work just yet.  But in the meantime, have a look through the range and let me know what you think. 




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