New designs arrived!

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Our much anticipated new designs arrived this week, and as Spring has well and truly sprung, their arrival was definitely timely! 

We got 'critical thinker in training', in red and it did not disappoint.  S announced, as soon as he saw it: "Ooh, I love my brain!".  That made us all laugh, because we agree the shirt is great, and for so many reasons, we love that kid's brain too.  

N's favourites of the new arrivals are 'I want to go to there' in navy and 'rocket' in yellow.  She's an adventurous soul and it's great to be able to foster that in colourful, unisex designs - it sends a message to her that everyone (not just boys) can be adventurers and have 'high' aspirations.

My favourite new arrival, though, has to be 'I <3 hugs'.  I think it is the one I'm proudest of in the new range.  It says so much in a few words.  It says it's ok to be affectionate (an especially nice message for little boys) and it also says that that affection needs consent.  And it says it all with a beautiful rainbow love-heart. 

I love the messages we can convey in a simple design, and this one helps to teach about bodily autonomy and consent (or at least start the dialogue) while combining it with a beautiful, colourful, fun message about love and affection.

I recently discovered  For a great resource on ways to teach consent to your young kids, check out this post.

I hope you like these new additions as much as we do.  Let me know your thoughts!




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